2019 Gallery

2020-04-19 00:04:00


Faculty members of 2019

CIMC no.2

Prof. Korsantia

Prof. Braginsky and Korsantia

Prof. Brainsky and Dr. Spooner

Jury Dinner

Dr. Spooner and Dr. Li

Dr. Mei Li

Prof. Lushtak

Prof. Thompson and Prof. Baggio

Dr. Stec

Prof. Horn

Vietnam Youth Choir No.1

Vietnam Youth Choir no.2

Competition No.1

Competition no.2

Competition no.3

Competition no.4

Competition no.5

Vietnam Youth Choir No.3

Vietnam Youth Choir No.4

Award Ceremony

Competition No.8

Competition No.9

Competition No.10

Competition No.11

Competition No.12

Competition No.13

Competition No.14

Grand Prize Winners

Judges Delibrate No.1

Judges Delibrate No.2

Judges Delibrate No.3

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