Professional Category

Grand Prize Winners

First Prize: Lyndon Ji (Piano) USA

Second Prize: Thomas Hsu (Piano) USA Tied with: Jingquan Xie (Piano) CHINA

Third Prize: William Kim (Percussion) USA

Prize Winners for Each Age Group

Young Musician II

First Prize: Olivia Yu (Piano) USA

Young Musician III

First Prize: Sophie Yu (Piano) USA

Young Artist I

First Prize: Raditya Muljadi (Piano) USA

Young Artist II

Frist Prize: Joshua Kovac (Cello) USA/Czech Republic

Special Prizes

Best performance of a Baroque work

Lyndon Ji

Best performance of a virtuoso etude

Thomas Hsu

Best performance of a Classical Sonata

Raditya Muljadi

Best performance of a Romantic work

Xinyue Yang

Best performance of a work by Liszt

Sunmin Kim

Rising Star Category

Grand Prize Winners

First Prize: Morgan Flanigan (Piano) USA

Second Prize: Micah Chan (Piano) USA

Third Prize: Matthew Hahn (Piano) USA

Prize Winners for Each Age Group

Young Musician II

1st Prize George Cheng (Piano) USA

2nd Prize Alexander Wong (Piano) USA

3rd Prize Vincent Yang (Piano) USA

Young Musician III

1st Prize Jiayin Liang (Piano) USA

2nd Prize Aavi Sircar (Piano) USA

3rd Prize Sora Corro (Piano) USA

Young Artist I

1st Prize Lucy Wu (Cello) USA

2nd Prize Jiajing Liang (Piano) CANADA

3rd Prize Olivia Tu (Piano) USA

Young Artist II

3rd Prize Jason Nam (Piano) USA

Concert Artist

2nd Prize Jason Lee (Piano) USA

3rd Prize Ngo Thi Minh (Vocal) VIETNAM

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